5 Flowers Review for Buzzkill from a Chick Who Reads

Yesterday I received hearts and today it’s flowers.  Hoping this means chocolates may be in my future. (I’ll share)  I’m happy to be visiting over at A Chick Who Reads chickbuttontoday, so hop on over and don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a jar of Texas honey and an Amazon Gift Card.

Here is some of Andrea’s review.

5 Flowers

The hilarity that ensues while Betsy tries to get organized and then gets a wedding planner is truly priceless. It definitely made me wonder why anyone goes through all the hassle or in this case why they’d want to get married on Valentine’s Day. (Oh yeah..so their hubby won’t forget!) The whole wedding planning process is full of issues thanks to another couple getting married on the same day and one half of the wedding party is the mayor’s son. 

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Thank you Andrea!  I appreciate your review.



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