Guest Post at Melina’s Book Blog and a 5 Star Review for Buzzkill

I’m guest posting over at Melina’s Book Blog Today.  I discuss my tendency to close the bedroom door and to put my violence offstage.  In the age of graphic storytelling I wondered if this made my books without a market and if there were still book-lovers who wanted stories like this?  My delight was discovering the world of cozy readers!   Here is a little of my article:

The traditional structure of the cozy mystery is cozy-not realistic. If I’m going to write love scenes into my stories, then I’m going to emphasize romance and sweetness and I’m not going to emphasize sweaty bodies and bulging bosoms.

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And here is a part of Melina’s Review-Thank you Melina!


Well, Teresa Trent has done it again.  I think this has been the best Betsy Livingston book yet.  I really enjoy visiting Betsy and all the great folks of Pecan Bayou, TX.  5 Stars

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