Creative Writing Prompt: Putting More into Each Setting

In this writing prompt we are going to be using this old foot bridge.  First, look at the picture for ten seconds and then shut your eyes.  Write down the first thing that you remember.

Now, answer these questions about this bridge.

1.  Where is this bridge?  State, country, town?


2. Notice the overgrown grass.  Draw a diagram on your paper of the bridge and the property around it.  Is it deep in a forest or just an unkempt piece of land?

3.  Imagine putting your feet in the water while sitting on the bridge.  Is the water clean or dirty?  What kind of creatures do you see swimming around? What does the air smell like?

4.  What is the temperature?  Is it a balmy summer day or a day in fall with the first hint of crispness in the air?

5.  Look down into the water.  There is something under the water sparkling as the suns rays hit it.  Reach in and grab the item and describe it in full detail.

6.  Create the character who lost that item.

7.  What kind of mystery can you create from all of these elements?

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