Doggone Dead is Now Available in Papeback

My latest mystery, Doggone Dead is now out in paperback.   If you don’t have an ereader, check out this version of the third Pecan Bayou mystery.DoggoneDeadCreateSpaceCover

Click here to purchase the paperback.

Also, I’m working away on my fourth novel.  Actually, I’ve been writing and then tearing it up and then rewriting.  I have a new character who is giving me trouble just like she does to Betsy.  What am I trying to create?  A villain with a good heart.  I suppose it is a classic lesson in character creation, and I have all bad parts down, but bringing out her vulnerability is going to take some thinking.

Who are some well-known villains in fiction with a good side?

2 thoughts on “Doggone Dead is Now Available in Papeback

  1. You are looking for a villianous character who evokes sympathy? How about Professor Snape in J K Rowlings “Harry Potter”? You could make her have a “doggone good” reason to be a flawed person (in Snapes case, a childhood of bullying and lack of real friends due to his intense personality and lack of your classic good looks. He was “different” which is always socially unacceptable). I think Betsy would give an unlovely villian the benefit of the doubt and be crushed if this character is finally found to be the murderer. And love your stories! Agatha has always been my favourite but you really have a flair.

    • Snape is good. I hadn’t thought of that. You’re right, Betsy still finds a way to like villains. Thanks!

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