More Free Copies of A Dash of Murder

I’m over visiting at The Official Blog-zine of Terra Little today.  Check out some of her books while you’re there! Terra is featuring my book A Dash of Murder and to win a free copy follow Terra’s instructions:

Where are all the good mystery lovers? If you happen to be one of them, be sure to scroll down a little bit and leave a comment here on the Blog-Zine. The second person who does wins a free electronic copy of A Dash of Murder by Teresa Trent for your personal library and reading pleasure!

Also, I received a review from Gayle Carline, author of the Peri Minneopa mysteries, the latest being Hit or Missus a funny book I’m reading right now.  Here’s her review of A Dash of Murder.

I enjoyed this story. Betsy and her family and friends are people I like spending time with, and the author has painted the unrelenting Indian summer of Texas perfectly. The mystery is a good one, and I liked wondering if the new guy in town wasn’t responsible. I also liked the way the two boys did not resolve their differences overnight, and that there was an underlying reason for the bully’s actions and attitude. The recipes in the back of the book are quite a bonus. Do be warned that this is a fairly short book, but it is entertaining. I would read more by this author.

2 thoughts on “More Free Copies of A Dash of Murder

  1. I really enjoy cozy them! Particularly those I can read on my Kindle Fire! My only wish, which will probably never come true, is that the authors of cozies place the number of the book in the series in some spot on the book. You know..1…2..etc. It makes it so much easier when you find a new author like Teresa Trent to decide which one to read first!

    • I think that’s a great idea, Nan. A number on the cover if it doesn’t mess up the cover art and then a numbered listing of the books in the series at the beginning or ending of the book. Thank you for the suggestion.

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