Writing and Old Friends

I’m over visiting at Book Review by Dee today.  I guest-posted about one of my favorite writers-Stephen King who just turned 65.  You can also enter your name for a giveaway of my book, A Dash of Murder.  Here is an excerpt from the article.

Every writer is haunted.  Every writer started out as that kid in the library clutching books against  his or her chest walking up to the checkout desk, ready to go on an adventure with a new found “friend” who has one heck of a tale to share with them.  They’ve drooled over the cover, read the blurb and are ready to share a few hours digging up archaeological relics, solving a mystery in an oh-so-haunted mansion, or confronting a beast that has evolved from unknown chemicals left in the lagoon.  I was that kid, and one of the first writers who really scared me so much  I was keeping the light on in my room into my  teen years, was Stephen King.

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  1. Hi Teresa – I’m happy to have you as a guest today on my blog. Thanks so much for your great post.

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