Coming Up With a Title For Your Book

I’ve been working on many fronts lately.  I continue to pound away at book number three, now tentatively titled A SLICE OF MURDER.  It’s funny how I go through two or three working titles before I get the one I decide to stick with for a book.  My last book OVERDUE FOR MURDER was titled The Quiet Please Murder on my computer for the longest time.  I just couldn’t get the image of the librarian, Martha, shushing all the rest of the characters.  She was just one of those characters that once created started bossing everyone else around, even me.   Still I ended up changing the book title at the last minute.

Here are a few ways to go about creating a title.

1.  Are there any other books with the same title?   Google your title and also check for it on major sites like Amazon.

2.  Does the title reflect something in the book?  You can’t have it give away anything about the mystery and yet it must be about the mystery.

3.  Is the title easy to remember?  Keep it fairly short. although I still remember “The Effect of Gamma-Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds”.

4.  Think about your title in relation to the cover art for your book.


I am working on my guest blogs for my upcoming blog tour in October to promote my Halloween mystery, A DASH OF MURDER.  I will be posting here so that you can follow me to free book giveaways, interviews, reviews and articles.   You can also follow me on Twitter  @ttrent_cozymys.

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