Here Come The Hurricanes

So here we are at the beginning of some activity in the 2012 Hurricane Season  and none of us look forward to the damage these storms can do.  Our picture today comes from Hurricane Katrina.  This is a shot of a restaurant in Biloxi, Mississippi.  This establishment had decorated it’s walls with photos from the damage done by Hurricane Camille.  Now even all that’s gone.   Turn this into a cozy mystery by having your character walk through the rubble looking for a clue.  Here is the setup.

Your hero/heroine was putting together clues in a murder before the storm.   The storm hit and destroyed the restaurant which contained some sort of clue in solving the mystery.

Katrina’s Damage in Biloxi

1.  What is the name, sex, age and occupation of your amateur sleuth?

2.  What is the crime your sleuth is investigating?

3.  Why is it important for this character to be solving the mystery?

4.  What item is lost in the rubble? (example: a key to a door, a diary, a cash register slip)

5.  Is anyone else watching your sleuth?  Joining him or her in the scene?

5.  Write your scene.

Again, thank you to all who entered my giveaway for my second book, Overdue For Murder.   I was overwhelmed by the response.   Reviews are always appreciated!

Photo submitted by paintedleah on Morgue File.

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