Creative Writing Prompt-Clowns Are Everywhere

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With the Fourth of July coming up next week let’s write about someone in a parade.  Take a look at these two clowns.  Are they happy clowns or hot, grumpy clowns?  Answer the questions below and write your scene in third person point of view then rewrite your scene in first person point of view speaking as just one of the clowns.


1.  What is the green-haired clown’s name?   How old is he?  What is his real job?  What is his relationship to the other clown.

2.  Write some business with hula hoop.  Is he giving it away?  Does he use it in some sort of comedy routine?

3.  What is the name of the other clown?  Why has he turned in the other direction?  What’s in the bag?

4.  Are these two men lifelong friends?  Enemies?  Strangers to each other?

5.  One clown has a secret that will change the other clown’s life.  What is that secret?

Once you write your scene, rewrite it from the first person point of view of one of the clowns.


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