Creative Writing Prompt-Basketball Dad

In celebration of Father’s Day we will write creatively about fathers and sports.  Some dads live for sports and seeing their children compete in them, while others are not quite as into the world of sideline coaching.  I attended a soccer game once where a father yelled such disparaging remarks at his young son that the entire crowd of parents turned on him.  Luckily, that dad’s behavior was a rare occurrence.  Take a look at the father and daughter to the right and write a short dialogue scene after filling in the details about these characters.

1.  What is the father’s name?  Is he a coach or on the sidelines?  How old is he?  Is he employed?  Is he a single or married dad?  Is he giving supportive advice or the opposite?

2.  What is the daughter’s name?  Is she a good player?  Does she follow the rules of the game?  Does she appreciate her father’s advice?  Is she nervous about playing basketball with the rest of the kids down the court?  How old is she?  What kind of student is she?

3.  Take this everyday situation and twist it to make it more interesting.  Whatever the father is telling the little girl is going to change her game completely.  It could be encouraging, funny, sad, produce anger or produce excitement.

Write a short scene using mostly dialogue between these two characters.



This photo was submitted by dravenh at The Morgue File.

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