Creative Writing Prompt-This Old House

Today we are going to write creatively about setting.  Take a look at this old house.  As we stare into the well-lit windows we can think about the family who might live here.

1.  Describe the areas of the house that need repair.  Be sure to use words that bring the house out as a character.  Is the house sad?  Lonely?  Tired?

2.  Look into the window.  Is the house occupied or vacant?  Discuss past or present occupants.

3.  Two of the windows are up just a crack.  Why is that?

4.  We can just see the top part of the entry way at the bottom of the picture.  In your mind create the rest of the entry way.  Are there flowers?  A no solicitation sign?  A child’s bike?

5.  This house is sitting very close to what looks like a much larger building.  Is this the last house on a block that has turned into a commercial real estate area?  Write a paragraph about someone holding off the encroaching city around them.  Turn it into a mystery.  What’s in that house that a character doesn’t want anyone else finding?

Leave a paragraph summary of your ideas in the comment section.


This photo was submitted by Kevin Rosseel at The Morgue File. 



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