So When Already?

I had a friend tell me she was looking for my next book on Amazon and it doesn’t seem to be up yet.  The good news is that the book is finished, but I am still revising.  (You’d be amazed how many mistakes I make–then again maybe not!)  If you are pacing the floor waiting, here are a few sneak previews of the next book, Overdue for Murder.

1.  Your favorite characters Betsy, Judd, Maggie, Zach and Danny all return.

2.  Fitzpatrick and all that goes with him returns.

3.  Betsy finds yet another dead body.

4.  If you love cupcakes the book is full of them.

5.  Betsy is a lousy baker.

I hope to have the book out in the next month or so, so thanks for asking!


Hi to my friends over at PR!  Thanks for checking out my website, only you know why I’m not further on this book. 

Zoom, zoom went the Bernina.

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