NaNoWriMo Success!

I did it.  At 9:45 pm on the last possible night to complete National Novel Writing Month I finished at 50,003 words.  Talk about cutting it close.  I had every intention of reaching 50,000 words last week, but life happens.  A relative ended up in the hospital and my priorities shifted.  I’m happy to say my loved one is doing better and will hopefully be home soon.

I was at the end of my plot with no where to go.  I had put the characters through all the ups and downs of the character arcs but still wasn’t where I needed to be with the word count.  Then today, as I sat at the hospital I realized where I had gone wrong.  Once I knew what to write, the actual act of writing it went quickly!  I’m very pleased to have met the challenge and even more pleased that December comes without my required 1667 words per day.  Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!!

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