And finally, the rain

We are suffering through a drought in Texas.  My spiky ferns in the front yard have gone from bright green to a sickly brown and yellow.  I could make cornstalk dolls out of their leaves and have contemplated cutting them all down to an inch from the ground.  There just isn’t enough water to sustain them.

These ferns are a haven for 20 to 30 tiny lizards who dart in an out of their leafy apartment building every time I walk down the our pebbled walk.  I’ve noticed their colors have turned from neon green to sickly yellows and browns.   If I cut down the ferns, where will my little friends go?  I enjoy seeing them daily and appreciate all the tiny bugs they eat. 

Finally, these last few days we were blessed with rain.  It cooled the earth and gave us all a chance to get a breath.  The dogs went crazy running out in the back yard, their short memories forgetting the glory of rain. 

Sometimes it’s the simple things that matter.

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